Meet Vivi.
The Future Of Money.

The only way to Spend, Save, Earn & Travel with one app & One Card

No need to move banks, use Vivi alongside your current bank.

New!RetroPay By Vivi

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Manage all your finances with a single app & account

Vivi Money App
Round-Up spare change into savings
Use your card around the corner or across the globe with no fees
Create single-use virtual cards to stay safe when shopping online.
Set up easy spending limits
See upcoming subscriptions & bills
See detailed analytics & spending data
Boost your savings with up to 10% interest on your money

Coming soon.
Buy Now, Pay Later with RetroPay.

Turn back time & RetroPay any purchase made in the last 7 days
Completely fee & interest free when you pay it back in 30 days.
Pay it back in 4-instalments
Flex up to $200
Your RetroPay balance sits alongside your transaction account so all you can see all your money in one place.
A safe way to build up your credit history.

A card for everyone & everything

Vivi card transaction notificationVivi card transaction notificationVivi card transaction notification

Vivi is as secure as it gets.

State of the art bank-grade technology & security solutions.

We use the latest cryptography and encryption techniques to keep your money & data safe.

What is Vivi?

Vivi combines all your finances into one app & we make it better

Imagine a transaction account that won’t charge you meaningless fees or put you in a box because of what you earn.

One that isn’t tied up on old systems, branches, and advisors.

That’s Vivi.

Here, you’re managing your money through one single app.

We’re giving you the control of your money back so you can make the most out of it.

Spend with confidence

Keep your spending on track with smart tools to help track your spending & manage your money better

Split bills in a few taps

In just a few taps easily split any payment with as many other Vivi users as you'd like.
Virtual Cards Icon

Generate Single-Use Virtual Cards

Instantly create & delete single use virtual cards. Deleted after their first use, allowing you to hide your real card details when shopping online.
Vivi Cashtag Icon

Send & Request Money From Other Vivi Users

When you sign up to Vivi you will get a unique Vivi cashtag which is used to send & request money from other Vivi users instantly.
Vivi Money Spending Analytics

Detailed Spending Analytics

Vivi will automatically categorise your spending for you so you know exactly where your money is going.

Track regular expenses, keep on track with your spending, and spot opportunities for savings.
Easy Budgeting Icon

Easy Budgeting

Set up Daily, Weekly or Monthly budgets based on categories and never lose track of your spending.

Vivi will also send alerts when you’re spending too fast (if you want them).
Round-Up Spare Change Icon

Round-Up Spare Change Into Savings

Round-up spare change from purchases into a savings pot automatically & reach your goals more quickly.
Extra 5% on round-ups with Vivi icon

Additional 5% on-top of all roundups every time you spend.

Every time you round-up spare change from a purchase with Vivi, we will give you an extra 5% on-top of your round-up.

Travel made simple

Spend less, experience more

Use your Vivi card around the corner, or across the globe.
Take your Vivi card & account anywhere and have peace of mind knowing you have the best available rates.
No fees or markups on all international purchases, we give you the direct Mastercard® exchange rate
No need for extra cards or accounts, Use your Vivi card Anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard®
Person doing backflip whilst traveling using Vivi
Vivi Money Foreign Exchange Service Image

Vivi Flex - Fee Free Overdraft

Up to $200 (or more) when you're in a pinch

Use your Vivi card around the corner, or across the globe.
Take your Vivi card & account anywhere and have peace of mind knowing you have the best available rates.
Peace of mind when your running low on cash
Doesn't just work with card purchases, use Vivi Flex when sending money too
Completely Fee-Free when you pay it back in 30 days

Coming Soon RetroPay - Buy Now, Pay Later.

A better way to Buy now, Pay later.

Turn almost any purchase into instalments with RetroPay.

Turn back the clock and RetroPay any purchase from the last month.
Flex any purchase made in the past 7 days
Pay it back in 4-instalments
Completely Fee-Free when you pay it back in 30 days
Vivi Boost

Simply better savings

Get over 10% interest on your money

Set money aside for that special something, somewhere or someone. Keep your pots separate from your spending. You can also set up recurring transfers or maybe you want to round-up spare change and send the difference to designated savings pot.
With exclusive access to High Net Worth Fixed Income funds, Vivi customers can earn over 10% p.a at call for investments as little as $1 - no other account offers such security and returns at call.
Create up to 10 different savings pots and keep on top of your money
Set savings goals to reach them faster
Vivi Cashtag Icon

Claim your unique Vivi Cashtag before it's gone.


Turn heads with a sleek metal card

Cards that make a statement

Crafted From Steel — Available in Ice White Or Space Grey. (Coming Soon)
Crafted from steel
Numberless cards to enhance security.
Doubles as a travel card
Detailed card controls
  • Crafted using recycled metal
  • Laser engraved name
  • Choose from Space Grey or Ice White
  • Diamond drilled engraving
  • No Signature
  • Only last 4 digits of card number
  • No Expiry
  • Card information accessed securely via mobile app
  • No added fees or markups
  • No ATM fees *Excludes ATM operator fees
  • Use anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard
  • Local currency and AUD value of purchases shown in-app with live purchase notifications
  • Freeze Card
  • Disable International Payments
  • Disable Tap & Pay
  • Disable Online Transactions

Privacy, Security & Support for today

Privacy, Security & Support at the core of Vivi

Support your way

We have a contact centre, not a call centre, connect with us the way you want, text, call, email.

Manage your money your way.

Security built in

State of the art bank-grade technology & security solutions to keep your money & data safe.
Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Vivi, it’s at the core of everything we do.

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Some frequently asked questions about Vivi


How safe is Vivi?

Security & Privacy is at the core of everything we do.

All our systems are using the latest security technology & cryptography techniques to keep your money & data safe.

Can I use my Vivi card overseas?

Yes! This is one of Vivi's core features, you can use your card anywhere in the world & the best part is that we won't charge any fees.

*Excludes ATM Operator Fees.

How much does Vivi cost?

Vivi is free on the standard plan.

There are 4 cards, which one do I get?

Both the regular black plastic card & the art card are available for free on the standard plan.

You will need to upgrade your account to Vivi Pro to get the Steel Metal Card in either Space Grey or Ice White.

Vivi Pro also provides other benefits.

How does the interest on the savings work?

Vivi has partnered with one of Australia's largest funds MutualLtd to provide access to high-networth funds usually only accessible with a minimum deposit of $250k.

With Vivi, there are no minimums, no special requirements & definitely no lock-ins, simply sign up for a Vivi account to get access to up to 5% interest.

How do I split bills?

Simply tap on any transaction and press the "Split Bill" button. From there you can enter the cashtags of other Vivi users & how much they owe.

It's really that easy.

When can I get Vivi?

Vivi will be available to the public starting Q1 2025.

However we will be opening early access in waves, sign up to our early access list to get Vivi before anyone else.